By Denise Rogers

Pretty Pussy 

Yoni Steam

I lay my hands on MY pussy and declare ownership. My pussy is eternally blessed, purified, peaceful, loving, wonderful, sweet, creative, fertile, tight and healed. I release and let go of ALL physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual pain and trauma experienced in this lifetime and all previous lifetimes. I disintegrate and return to sender all discarded emotional and psychological debris projected by others. I unhinged and unbind myself from all previous lovers. I declare my pussy is my own creative space, sacred-pleasure center, connection to the divine, and portal to other dimensions. My pussy is mine. My sensuality is mine. My sexuality is mine. My body belongs to me. I am free to enjoy the depths of pleasure and the heights of ecstasy through my body and pussy. My pussy now attracts joyful conditions, sacred connections, pure love and respect, gentle kindness, and absolute bliss. I declare it. And so it.

The Pussy Prayer

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by Denise Rogers