The Rose of Jericho plant, also known as The Resurrection Plant, is known for it's magic and ability to return to life. When it's not place in water it's "dead' state it is curled tightly closed and dry; looking most like tumble weed. But, once place in a bowl of clear water the plant begins to uncurl, revealing a fresh new green color, blossomed and open wide to bless your atmosphere whether at home, office, store and general space with renewed life! What was once old has now been made new again. 

Use a Rose of Jericho to resurrect a variety of areas in your life; whether a job, career, health, or relationship. The water of a sitting Rose of Jericho can be used in a spiritual bath to cleanse one's aura, wash the floors of your home to bless it, anoint the feet to increase your territory. It's water has wonder working power!  Keep it in your home or business for prosperity and abundance.

Rose of Jericho