The Money Manifestation Candle has been charged to invite fast money into your path from all directions and sources. Set your intentions (with gratitude.) You are a money magnet! Money finds you wherever you are. People use their ability, power, and influence to open doors for you. The energy of money trusts you and will never leave your side. Believe!

Hand made with herbs, fragrance and reiki charged by Denise.

Money Candle - 12oz.

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Money Candle
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  • This is a hand-made, 12 oz. candle that burns for 90 hours. Delivered in a glass, white vessel with silver lid. Can be snuffed out and re-kindled. Recommend desposing of it after use. Please be careful not to leave burning candles unattended. 

    **IMPORTANT** This manifestation candle is ready to go to work for you, but it's important to remember you MUST add your intentions with specifics. You MUST confess that which you want as though you are what you desire.  For example: I AM  A MONEY MAGNET! OLD AND NEW MONEY IS MINE!