The Accountability of Spiritual Healing and The Misconception of The Healer's Place.

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Spiritual healing happens when the conscious mind accepts an invitation from the subconscious mind to face one's self in raw form. Because the communication between the subconscious and the conscious is bi-directional, thoughts of images, ideas, memories and emotions from past experiences are "signals" or beacons from the subconscious mind that communicate to the conscious mind; it is time to heal.

As a master reiki practitioner, I educate my clients on the importance of being present in their process. It is called "shadow work" because you have to be present. Your consciousness is the body and your subconscious is your shadow of that body. Within my practice, there are four principles to the healing process. (Acknowledgement - something is wrong, Assessment - looking at the situation, Accountability - be responsible for self and Action - doing the work.)

We know long before assessing how bad our personal situations are that there is something very wrong, even if we cannot put it into words. It is the challenge of assessment that calls us to look with our eyes open at how bad a situation has become. Accountability is owning what is ours and action walks us into a dark room of our subconscious mind to meet our toughest opponent yet; self! Seeking knowledge from a healer is all of those principle steps rolled into one.

In Walks The Healer

A healer will never ask you to relinquish your control. A healer holds space, encourages, and creates a safe environment in your most vulnerable moments. A healer empowers you through the teachings of sound principles that lead you to discovering your true self and your own innate abilities. Your decision to apply these principals is what leads you to your higher self. Repetitive action taken within these principles, raises your vibration. Never are you without these principles. In doing so, you are always accountable for self. A healer never sits in your place. Instead they hold space as you go through the channels of discovering that you too are a healer. Be enlightened!


Denise Rogers, Master Reiki Practitioner

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Bowie, Maryland

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