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Our Story...  

Seasons KISS was created by a mom and award-winning TV producer, Denise Rogers. After discovering her daughter was diagnosed with severe dys-hi-drotic eczema.  A skin condition that causes painful, tiny blisters to appear on the palms of her hands and is associated with skin disorders like dermatitis, as well as seasonal allergies. The small, fluid-filled blisters that appear on the palms, fingers, and soles of feet often last about three weeks and can be painful and itch intensely. Like most cases of eczema, doctors prescribed a variety of topical ointments like hydrocortisone and other steroids, but nothing worked. Denise quickly discovered the ointments gave her daughter minimal relief and those that helped in warmer seasons, didn't work at all during colder seasons of the year.  After many appointments with allergists and dermatologists that wrote the same less than helpful prescriptions. Denise decided she would create her own natural and skin products from herbs and hibiscus flowers to heal her daughter's skin condition and it worked!  What was most important in healing her daughter's skin was creating a natural organic and cruelty-free product that worked throughout every season of the year and from her personal experience, "Seasons KISS" was born!

about us

Denise Rogers

Founder and CEO 

Seasons KISS, LLC

My Daughter, Camryn.