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Denise Rogers’s Biography

Denise is a Master Reiki Practitioner, 5th generation Healer, certified Herbalist and Founder of Seasons Kiss. Seasons Kiss is a holistic business that supports your personal healing and spiritual needs through holistic products and reiki services. A former television producer and host of the award-winning cable television show, Society Moms. Denise had accomplished many accolades, but secretly struggled with feelings of unfulfillment, past trauma and crippling anxiety. Answering the call to return to her roots. With the help of her ancestors, Denise set off on her spiritual journey toward healing and honoring her higher self.

Denise found comfort in leaning on the remedies of the indigenous women in her family; her great-great grandmother. A well-respected Cherokee woman, (healer and midwife) of Franklin NC who lived to be 102, and her great-grandmother (an herbalist and healer) whom she spent weekends and summers with. Both contributing to marking her with the gifts she operates freely in today. After years of focusing on a career in media communications, Denise could no longer deny her knack for speaking, teaching and sharing insight from her own personal experiences. In 2017 Denise went deeper and sought to be trained in Usui Reiki stages I, II, III and maintains a Usui Lineage Master level and Advanced Teacher certification since 2021.

Today, Denise is known as Aja Ojas. (Aja means herbal healer… Ojas means vital energy that rules immunity, strength and happiness) and teaches her clients from principles she created called; The Four Principles of Self-Mastery in her new e-book titled “You Are the Healer You’ve Been Waiting On” available April 10th. Denise teaches that a real healer does not heal but holds space for you to learn principles that will allow you to honor the covenant with yourself which brings about healing and ascension.

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