"Everything is Energy, that's all there is to it."

DENISE ROGERS aka "Seasons" 

Est. 2017

Denise Rogers is the CEO and Founder of Seasons Kiss, LLC. She is well known in the world of metaphysics as "Seasons". From a young age Denise understood her gift of clairsentience, and intuitive knowledge, along with her abilities to manifest things "quickly". Guided by her elders, Denise was raised to understand the healing powers of herbs and plants that aligns with her indigenous background, their spiritual governance, elemental identity and uses. Today she is a practicing Certified Master Reiki Healer, Alchemist and Herbalist. Denise applies her years of experience with metaphysics to her work of handmade goods and Reiki services. In 2017 she launched Seasons Kiss, LLC. displaying a natural line of reiki skin and body care products and candles that has since grown to be referred to as a holistic and invigorating skincare experience for both men and women; featured in Sadiaa Beauty, Hype Hair, BAUCE, Black Bold Natural, WOE and Sheen Magazine. Utilizing metaphysics as a lifestyle, not a trend is not only her company's mission statement, but quickly became her brands tag line as well. In an effort to introduce her growing brand and intentions to the world. Denise's products are sold nationally and internationally across the world because of the brand's integrity, and the healing energy that helps customers manifest their best selves. She believes in honoring the elements of nature earth, fire, water, air, light, darkness and spirit. The Divine is God, the universe serves to provide for us. We are assisted by our ascended masters, spirit guides, ancestors, and earthly angels. Throughout life's journey we learn, complete cycles, raise our frequency and vibrations to a place of peace and ascension where we receive downloads from the Divine that reveal to us intuitively; purpose. Denise is a life path number 2 high priestess who uses her foresight to intuitively guide many to truth. She also reads the energy of tarot and shares what Spirit gives her to see, or say to those who ask. Her focus, as well as her intentions for her clients is always protection, love and abundance. Connect with Denise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Seasons Kiss TALK Podcast here <

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