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My name is Denise Rogers. I am the CEO and Founder of Seasons Kiss, LLC. I am a certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Advanced Teacher with my own practice located in Bowie, Maryland. 

I fell in love with reiki seven years ago when I found that I needed to make great changes within my own life, that led to a great transition. Reiki means... Rei = Universal   ki = Life Energy 

A therapeutic approach in which the practitioner facilitates the delivery of universal energy through their hands to an individual to enhance vitality and promote the body's innate ability to heal. 

As a young person I understood my gift of clairsentience and intuitive gifts. Reiki has allowed me to share with others how they can restore themselves and heal. Whether it's simply stress, anxiety, or letting go of traumatic experiences that cause blockages within the body.


As a Reiki Master, it was important to me to create a healing space for my clients that includes my very own therapeutic, all-natural products that help them maintain a high frequency lifestyle beyond their sessions with me. I'm super pleased to make these special products available here on my website, and in my office during your scheduled visit.  The benefits of these all-natural high frequency products are the organic oils, butters and herbs that serve the entire family. 

My products have been featured in... Beauty, Hype Hair, BAUCE, Black Bold Natural, WOE and Sheen Magazine.

Connect with me for Reiki Service by scheduling your appointment here or email: to schedule a personal reiki session. 

Find me on Social Media @ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Seasons Kiss TALK Podcast here <

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