Denise Rogers is the CEO and Founder of Seasons Kiss, LLC. She is well known in the world of metaphysics as "Seasons". From a young age she understood her gift of clairsentience, and intuitive knowledge, along with her abilities to manifest things "quickly". Today she is a practicing Master level Reiki Healer, Alchemist and certified Herbalist. Denise applies her years of experience with the metaphysics to her work of handmade goods and services. Denise's products are sold nationally and internationally across the world. She believes in honoring the elements of nature, earth, fire, water, air, light, darkness and spirit.  The Divine is God, the universe serves to provide for us. We are assisted by our ascended masters, spirit guides, ancestors, and earthly angels. Throughout life's journey we learn, complete cycles, raise our frequency and vibrations to a place of peace and ascension where we receive downloads from the Divine that reveals to us intuitively; purpose. Denise, is a spiritual advisor to many.  Denise uses the energy of the tarot as an intuitive guide to offer what Spirit gives her to see, or say to those who ask. Her focus, as well as her intentions for her clients is always protection, love and abundance. You can also connect with her on her YouTube channel, Tarot by Seasons for general readings, or schedule personal readings.

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